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TxCFR Annual Conference

Each spring, TxCFR hosts a two-day conference in Texas. Attendees have the opportunity to gain knowledge and upgrade skills through a variety of session formats including research presentations, skill-building workshops, roundtable discussions, and panels. Sessions are oriented to cutting-edge research, practice, theory, and ethical decision making. Keynote speakers include leading researchers, policymakers, authors, and practitioners. Ample time is available to meet and network with colleagues who share similar interests.

Professionals at all career levels are encouraged to attend and present. Students are encouraged to participate in an annual competition (subject to guidelines available on the TxCFR website). Continuing Education Credits available as appropriate (CFLE, LPC, LMFT, or MSW).

Past TxCFR Conferences

  • 2024: Family and Community Engagement: Connecting Academia, Prac

  • 2023: Policy, Research, and Practice

  • 2022: Promoting Family Resiliency: Pathways to Thriving

  • 2021:  Promoting Healthy Families:  Texas Family Support Systems (Virtual)

  • 2020:  Building Resilience Within All Families, Houston (Holiday Inn Southwest Sugar Land Area)

  • 2019:  Promoting Healthy Families:  Policy and the Dynamic Family, Austin (Austin Holiday Inn Midtown)

  • 2018:  Promoting Healthy Families:  Family Strengths and Challenges, Dallas, Plano/Frisco (Frisco Springhill Suites)

  • 2017:  Promoting Healthy Families:  Financial Literacy, Austin (Austin Holiday Inn Midtown)

  • 2016:  Promoting Healthy Families:  Partnering with Schools, Dallas, Plano/Frisco (Frisco Springhill Suites)

  • 2015:  Promoting Healthy Families:  Religion and Spirituality, Abilene (Abilene Christian University)

  • 2014:  Promoting Healthy Families:  Aging and Intergenerational Dynamics, Ft. Worth (Radisson Hotel Fossil Creek)

  • 2013:  Promoting Healthy Families:  Texas Today, Austin (Austin - Airport Hilton)

  • 2012:  Promoting Healthy Families:  Positive Family Interactions, San Antonio (St. Anthony Riverwalk Wyndham)

  • 2011:  Promoting Healthy Families:  Sexuality Across the Lifespan, Ft. Worth (American Airlines Center)

  • 2010:  Promoting Healthy Families:  Changing Times, Changing Families, Waco (Baylor University)

  • 2009:  Promoting Healthy Families:  Managing Work-Life Interactions, Dallas (Marriott Quorum)

  • 2008:  Promoting Healthy Families:  The Practice of Family Life Education, Houston (Marriott)

  • 2007:  Promoting Healthy Families:  Public Policy and Legal Issues, Austin (Crown Plaza Hotel)

  • 2006:  Promoting Healthy Families:  In the Global Community, Lubbock (Ramada)

  • 2005:  Promoting Healthy Families:  Caregiving Across the Lifespan, Ft. Worth (Green Oaks Inn)

  • 2004:  Promoting Healthy Families:  Across Family Sciences, College Station (Conference Center at Texas A&M)

  • 2003:  Families with Special Needs, Denton (Texas Woman's University)

  • 2002:  Today's Youth:  Communities Working for a Better Tomorrow, Arlington (LaQuinta Inn & Suites)

  • 2001:  Building Healthy Relationships:  Through Pre-Marriage Preparation--Through Marriage Enrichment, Dallas

  • 2000:  Fathering:  It's Place in the New Century, Ft. Worth

  • 1999:  Resilient Family Connections, Lubbock

  • 1998:  Preventing Family Violence and Abuse:  Being on the Firing Line, Houston

  • 1997:  Helping Children of Divorce, Dallas

  • 1996:  Building Healthy Families, San Antonio

  • 1995:  Diversity of Texas Families, Houston

  • 1994:  Economic Issues:  Impact on Texas Families, Ft. Worth

  • 1993:  Capitalizing Resources for Texas Families, Austin

  • 1992:  Texas Children and Their Families, San Antonio

  • 1991:  Serving Texas Families, College Station

  • 1990:  Family Lifestyles in the 1990s, Denton

  • 1989:  Generation to Generation, Lubbock

  • 1988:  Challenges to Texas Families, Houston

  • 1987:  Religion and the Family, San Antonio

  • 1986:  The Next 150 Years:  Texas Families, Changing and Changeless, Arlington

  • 1985:  Violence and the Family, Austin

  • 1984:  The Family and Moral Issues, Abilene

  • 1983:  Family Environments, Ft. Worth

  • 1982:  The Dual-Earner Family, San Antonio

  • 1981:  Supportive Systems for the Family in Transition, Dallas/Ft. Worth

  • 1980:  Families:  Foundation of the Future, Dallas/Ft. Worth

  • 1979:  Strategies for Strengthening Texas Families, Austin

  • 1978:  Critical Issues for Texas Families, Dallas/Ft. Worth

  • 1969:  Family Life and Sex Education

  • 1968:  Sex Education at Home and in School and Basic Issues in Sex Education

  • 1965:  Laws Which Affect Texas Families

  • 1961:  Need Families Fail?

  • 1960:  Growing Individual Values Within the Family

  • 1957:  Family Life:  The Key to Mental Health

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