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Articles to Review

Examining the Relationship between Social Support, Parenting Stress, and Depression in South Korean Single Mothers 

Undergraduate Article Critique
Olivia Potter, Texas Tech University

Exploring Friend’s Parents and Family Friends as Natural Mentors for Youth: Contexts,
Motivation, and Barriers


Undergraduate Article Critique
Heather Isbell, Tarleton State University

Examining Longitudinal Relations Between Mothers’ and Fathers’ Parenting Stress,
Parenting Behaviors, and Adolescents’ Behavior Problems

Undergraduate Article Critique
Tristan Castillo, Tarleton State University

Family Trauma and Stressors Homelife Stressors and Their Long-Term Impact

Graduate Article Critique
Katie Lauryn, Tarleton State University

Socialization and Parenting in Underrepresented Families:

A Commentary on this Special Issue Section

Undergraduate Article Critique
Patrick Horton, Texas Tech University

Parent Management Training: An Example of Parenting Done the Right Way

Graduate Article Critique
Christiaan Frost, Tarleton State University

Economic stress, parenting, and adolescents’ adjustment during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Undergraduate Article Critique
Rilee Piper, Texas Tech University

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