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TxCFR Awards

As an organization, we believe in celebrating service that improves the lives of Texas families and professionals who serve them. Below is a summary of our awards that we give on an annual basis.

Moore-Bowman Award

Established in 1970, the Moore-Bowman Award recognizes professionals who have made a significant contribution in the area of family life education, marriage and family therapy, and/or family related research in Texas. Named for its first two distinguished recipients, Dr. Bernice Milburn Moore and Dr. Henry A. Bowman, the award is presented at the annual conference in the years that a worthy recipient is selected. The Moore-Bowman Award is TxCFR’s most prestigious award and recognizes professionals whose contributions to family well-being in Texas have been truly outstanding. See our list of Moore-Bowman Award recipients.

Meritorious Service Award

The Meritorious Service Award was established by the TCFR Board of Directors in 1981 to acknowledge and encourage outstanding services and support to families and to family life in Texas. When awarded, it is presented at the annual conference to an individual, agency, corporation, foundation, or other organization whose contributions are determined to be of significance. An outstanding volunteer or other individual associated with an agency, corporation, foundation, or other organization that had made a contribution to family life in the state may also be recognized. See our list of Meritorious Service Award recipients.

Family Champion Award

The Family Champion Award was established in 2014 by the TxCFR Board of Directors. The TXCFR Family Champion Award is presented to an individual or organization involved at the state or community level in the policy-making process, whose work over time has made significant contributions to the well-being of Texas families. The purpose of this award is to acknowledge Texas leaders whose work has significantly and positively shaped policies that impact the family. See our list of Family Champion Award recipients.

Lane Powell Mentorship Award

Established in 2016, the Lane Powell Mentorship Award, recognizes professionals who have made a significant contribution in the area of family life education and practice, marriage and family therapy, and/or family related research through mentoring students and new professionals. Named for Lane Powell, an outstanding teacher, scholar, and mentor, the award is presented at the annual conference in the years that a worthy recipient is selected.  A recipient for this award has not yet been selected. See our list of Lane Powell Mentorship Award recipients.

We are currently accepting award nominations. The nomination deadline is February 7, 2024. Please direct questions to Conference Chairs at

Moore-Bowman Recipients

2019:  Lauren Johnson

2018:  Marlene Lobberecht

2017:  Sandy McClintic

2016:  Jo Ann Engelbrecht

2015:  Susan Marsh

2014:  Steve Wages

2013:  Joanne Roberts

2011:  Gladys Hildreth

2010:  Joyce James

2009:  Richard Sale

2008:  Deborah Cashen

2007:  Lynelle Yingling

2006:  Lane Powell

2005:  Maxine Hammonds-Smith

2004:  Norval D. Glenn

2003:  Lillian Chenoweth

2002:  Arminta Jacobson

2001:  Glen Jennings

1998:  Marianna Rasco

1994:  Tommie Lawhon

1992:  Dorthy Taylor

           Zelia S. Coleman

1989:  Virginia Anderson

1988:  Genie and Preston Dyer

1987:  Nelwyn Moore

1986:  Britton Wood

1985:  Robert Ledbetter

1985:  Phyllis Richards

1982:  Loy Simpkins

1981:  Bert Kruger Smith

1980:  Wildring Edwards

1979:  Azlette Little

1978:  James Dunn

1977:  Lucille Martin

1973:  Paul Southern

1972:  Eulalia Hernandez

1971:  William Clarke Ellzey

1970:  Henry A. Bowman

           Bernice Milburn Moore

2020:  Shera Jackson

2019:  Workforce Solutions for Tarrant County

2018:  This Side Up Family

2017:  Texans Care for Children

2016:  Practical Parent Education

2015:  Noah Project

2014:  Denton Parks and Recreation

2013:  Former U.S. Congressman Chet Edwards

           Representative Wendy Davis

2012:  John Van Epp

2011:  Denton County Friends of the Family

2010:  Kenneth Davidson

2009:  Marcie Brooke

2008:  Dawn Cassidy

           Carol Darling

2007:  Judge Jeanne Meurer

2006:  Jacki Fitzpatrick

2005:  Center for Parent Education - Arminta Jacobson

2004:  Nick Stinnett

2003:  Britton Wood

2002:  State Senator Mike Moncrief

2001:  Children's Trust Fund of Texas

2000:  Virginia Anderson

1999:  WFAA-TV Dallas/Family First

1998:  Maxine Hammonds-Smith

1985:  Deborah Phillips

1990:  John Criswell

           John Toulitos

1987:  Texas Extension 

           Homemakers Association

1984:  Lou Milstead

1981:  Hogg Foundation

1980:  H.E. Butt Foundation

Meritorious Service

2019:  Representative Four Price, Texas State Representative, Amarillo

2017:  Representative Senfronia Thompson, Texas State Representative, Houston

2015:  Texas Impact, Austin

Family Champion

2020:  Jennifer Newquist

2019:  Janis Henderson

2018:  Arminta Jacobson

Lane Powell
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