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Fall 2020 Webinars & Mentorship Meetings

We can all agree that this has been a unique and challenging year! This fall, several of our members took the lead to create connection experiences virtually for our members and others who serve families. Linda Ladd led the TxCFR Parent Education Committee. Other members included Kay Levi, Cynthia Garrison, Kristina Higgins, and Kate Chartrand. This fall, the committee offered a series of webinars aimed at providing virtual professional development for parent educators. These online workshops were well-received and successful, and the committee looks forward to offering more in the future. Check our website for more information coming soon!

TxCFR Membership Vice-President Jennifer Cottle introduced membership drive meetings this fall. These fun events have provided an opportunity to connect with other members regularly, win prizes, and engage in discussion. Below is an infographic that was presented at one of the fall membership drive meetings focused on careers in family science. Stay tuned for future membership meetings!

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